Stuart Mason Helmintoller: Illustration

I've been a pen-and-ink wildlife artist since... well, forever. Since I was a kid. I did t-shirt design before the desktop computer revolution, when we used Letraset rub-on letters. I learned watercolors from my grandmother. I've made weekly editorial cartoons for newspapers in Maui and Honolulu. I've designed t-shirts for clients in the USA, Canada, Germany, and Italy.

My watercolors and ink drawings are particularly well-suited to images that require a natural theme. I understand the nature of the publishing business, am online daily and am able to respond to editorial or advertising deadlines on time.

Browse the links at right to see more samples of my work. (These will open in a new window.) Enjoy! --Stu

Steelhead for the EcoAdvocate.
Editorial cartoon, Honolulu Star-Bulletin.
Baby animal greeting cards:

T-shirt concept, Live Oak Music Festival.
Wild Turkey booklet, West Virginia DNR.
Fish watercolors, @Streamside.

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