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Welcome to @Streamside. We've had a busy year, fishing for (and catching) feisty Sierra rainbows, mighty king salmon in the Sacramento and Rogue Rivers, summer steelhead in Oregon, and those gorgeous gems of the Appalachians, native eastern brook trout. Here is a photo album of the Virginia brookie trip, complete with the lovely autumn colors along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

In August we floated the Rogue River with our good friend Don Kirkendall of Arrowhead River Adventures, based near Medford, Oregon. We were lucky to get a small burst of rain the day before we fished, which created just a hint of milkiness in the water, putting the fish on the bite. We lost and landed several steelhead and salmon. I will post some pics of those fish here soon. :)

Please follow the links below to click through this site and discover what’s inside. If you’re looking for a custom painting of a trophy trout or salmon, I’ve listed some of my competitors on the Links page, so you can shop around, then order a commission from me :) Or you may want to read through my online Journal or view the paintings in the Gallery section.

Special thanks go out to fellow fly fisherman Gus Strand. He ordered a custom commission of a 20” steelhead that he landed and released on the Rogue River (the painting above). Then he created a web page documenting the process I used to create the painting. I’ve never had a better photo to work from when creating a custom trophy fish portrait. Thanks Gus!

Tight lines, Stu

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