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Artist Bio

Stuart Mason Helmintoller has been hooked on fishing — and art — ever since he caught his first trout as a child at his grandmother's home in Rock Cave, West Virginia. Since then, he has pursued game fish (mostly trout and salmon) from Florida to Alaska, and Ireland to Hawaii. All of his paintings are done from reference photos, sketches, and notes taken in the field from live fish.

The artist holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Management from Ohio State. His colorful career has included Information Representative for the West Virginia Dept. of Natural Resources and 12 years as an artist in Maui, Hawaii. He is currently self-employed as a web consultant, taditional musician and artist. He tours with Celtic juggernaut band Molly's Revenge and teaches workshops and private lessons in DADGAD tuned guitar.

Stuart and his wife Joyce make their home in Los Osos, California, a small coastal town located on Morro Bay, a national sanctuary that teems with migratory waterfowl and marine life. Stuart’s hobbies include birdwatching, fly fishing, and sleeping late on Sunday mornings.

Stuart Helmintoller
351 South Court
Los Osos, CA 93402



Artist Stuart Helmintoller

Rock Cave

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