Stuart Helmintoller
Artist Stuart Helmintoller creates original, life-size watercolor paintings of individual trophy trout and salmon. Whether you’ve caught a giant king salmon or a small, colorful native rainbow trout, capture that special moment in a work of art that lasts a lifetime.

Brown Trout

An Alternative to Taxidermy
With the growing popularity of catch and release, an original portrait of the fish you released is the perfect way to preserve and share the memory. Your fish can be portrayed taking the fly, or lying on the river rocks, or scientific-illustration style on a plain white background. With larger salmon, a life size “head shot” may be the best way to portray your trophy.

All paintings are executed with museum-quality materials, using the highest quality pigments and 100% cotton rag watercolor board. On a separate paper, we can print information about your catch, such as species, location, date, fly, and angler, for permanent placement in a window in the matting below your painting when you frame the piece. Please contact Stuart if you’re interested in ordering a portrait of your trophy.

Conservation Efforts
We support the restoration of wild trout and salmon by donating a portion of our proceeds to conservation organizations such as California Trout and Trout Unlimited. Please practice catch and release. Use barbless hooks, handle your fish gently, and keep it in the water as much as possible while taking photos.

Explore @Streamside
The best thing about trout fishing is that there’s always something new around the next bend. The same is true about this web site, where you can explore illustrated feature stories about trout and salmon fishing in Stuart’s online magazine @Streamside. Inside, you’ll find illustrated feature stories, an extensive gallery of downloadable artwork, excerpts from his personal journal that include field sketches and photos, and a bio of the artist.


How Does It Work?
Gus Strand commissioned a custom portrait of a 20” steelhead that he landed and released on the Rogue River in Oregon. Check out this web page he created, documenting the process I used to create his painting.

The Process

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