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Wild Scottish Brown. Old friends, whisky, and the fish of a lifetime. More.

Jeff Bright. "This was a large, fierce BC steelhead caught on a skated fly." More.

Catch and Release. How it can help ensure the future of our valuable fishery resources. More.

Highlights from 2004. King salmon, Rogue steelhead, and Virginia brookies. More.

Corrib Trout. Boys will be boys, even in the magical Ireland of our dreams. More.

Bats on Hoppers. Collateral damage happens, even at the altar of Nature. More.

Learning to Fish. If fly fishing is tough, then paw fishing must be worse. More.

California Trout. Memorable fish come from special spots. More.

Alaska. There were bears too: big black ones that fished down the creek each day like clockwork, on the far bank. More.

Spring Brookies. In the northeast corner of Ohio, a few native brookies are hanging on precariously to their ancestral home. More.

Central Coast Steelhead. You may fish all morning and return to your truck with only nettle stings to show for it. More.

High Country Browns. Because you know there is no other feeling quite like this. More.

The Misunderstood Dolly Varden. I've seen a dozen lovely dollies slaughtered by anglers and left to rot in the sun. More.

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