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Apache TroutGolden Trout
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A living trout is like a beautiful sunset: fleeting, ephemeral, and no two are ever the same. A photo of a freshly-caught fish may record gross characteristics such as size, shape, and markings. But to turn a living trout in the dappled streamside sunlight is to catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis in its iridescent gill covers and tiny scales.

The salmon, on the other hand, is a torpedo of muscle and protein and determination. The salmon embodies our own circular journey of life in its global migration from egg to smolt to spawning adult. A northern river, teeming from bank to bank with red salmon, becomes for a few weeks each year like a pulsing artery of the living earth.

Rainbow Trout

I created these original paintings of trout and salmon using museum-quality watercolors on 100% cotton rag French watercolor paper. Web-ready versions of these paintings may be viewed and downloaded by clicking on any of these fish. Any of the images may be used on other web sites free of charge, provided that the user agrees to link the image to http://helmintoller.com/streamside/ and provided that no alterations (including resizing) are made to the image. Two sizes of each fish image are provided for your convenience.


S. M. Helmintoller
Stuart M. Helmintoller